Bible recap ~ March 27th-April 2nd

This week, God reminded me of a lot of things about Him.  In many ways it was an awesome week because I made decisions to step out in faith in a few areas that I hope to be able to share about soon.  What resulted was a spiritual attack from the enemy where I could feel the internal battle for my emotions.  One minute I’d have peace, the next I’d have pain.  When I prayed and stayed focused on God, I was at peace.  If I let up, or gave in to the negative self-talk, I lost my peace.  Thankfully, right now, I am at peace and have been for days. BUT MAN! It’s no joke that when you start to align your life with God’s will, the enemy will try to undermine you every step of the way.

So what did God reveal to me / remind me this week?

  1. God wants me to talk to Him about EVERYTHING! Even the little things that I tell myself are inconsequential, He wants to know it all. Of course, He already knows it all, but He wants a constant flow of dialogue back and forth with us.
  2. God reminded me of how much my faith has deepened in the last 3 years. Sometimes it seems like we stay in the same place, but God showed me that I have moved in my walk with Him and it was such a wonderful reassurance of His goodness.
  3. God told me to go make disciples and to go serve those who can never repay me. I often do not ask for help, because I don’t like to feel I owe anyone anything. That’s not the purpose of life. I need to serve and also rely on others to serve me when I need them.
  4. God reminded me that He has great plans for my life and that I must trust in His timing. Just because I want it does not mean I will get it. He does not want anyone to settle for the good over His best for our lives.

It has been a wild week but I am enjoying this ride I’m on with God. I cannot wait to see where He takes me!