There’s a #hashtag for that part 1

I LOVE Instagram. It is my  happy place on social media. My feed is filled with inspirational posts and Bible verses from the best people ever. How did I manage to find all these beautiful posters? Hashtags!

You might be rolling your eyes reading this, but I’m telling you, hashtags are where it’s at! It all began about a year and half ago. I was participating in #GoodMorningGirls posts and decided to peruse that hashtag as well as #WomenLivingWell to see who else was posting. There were many who posted their SOAKs, Bibles, Bible verses and inspirational quotes. I started clicking on the names of people who posted these inspirational photos, looked over their profiles and followed the ones that mostly posted things that would help me in my walk. Then, Instagram started recommending people based on the ones I had just followed who had similar posting styles. 

AND GUESS WHAT?! I have found some of the best people through hashtags. I have connected with so many amazing women who thirst for the Lord like I do. I learn from them daily and God speaks to me through their posts. It has been especially awesome to participate in online Bible studies with these women throughout the last year or so. 

If you want an inspirational feed with beautiful faith posts, check out the hashtags below that I use and/or look at who I am following on Instagram. They rock! 

As for other interests, think of the type of photography you want to see and search related hashtags. For example, I LOVE PLANNERS so much that I also follow people who make their planners look pretty. I’ve toyed with it a bit myself, but for the moment, I mostly just enjoy seeing photos of other people’s pretty planners.

Hashtags used to confuse me. Now, they make me happy!

Here’s who I follow; AKA, the best people ever!

Part 2 coming soon: How I use hashtags for online ministry…