Bible Reading Plan for 2018

I mentioned in my blog post yesterday that God has placed it on my heart to lead a Bible reading plan to help others have accountability and stay on track in 2018. I asked for prayers with this task. Well…

I woke up this morning and knew exactly what to do: write my own! God placed some specifications on my heart, I did a little math and BOOM! It all aligned PERFECTLY as only God can do!

In fact, He gave me several different Bible reading plans to write. Not just 1. I’ve been looking on YouVersion and Pinterest for the perfect plan. I found so many great plans, but none that felt like everyone would feel inclined to finish. It’s hard to stick with a plan–that’s why most people don’t–but I’ve now done it almost 3 times and have an idea of what makes it easier and harder. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments too!

I plan to do the unveiling later this year after I’ve written these plans. In the meantime, please pray for me to be able to meet God’s expectations with this task. I spent a many hours today writing the first draft of 4 of the plans. AND, I’m planning to unveil a 6-month New Testament Reading Plan here TOMORROW! This plan, if started on Monday, July 3rd, can be completed in 2017!

Also… Consider joining me in January for one of the 2018 reading plans! This will be a **FREE** printable plan that can be completed by reading digitally or in physical Bibles. Right now, start looking at different Bible translations. Get to a book store and flip through the different Bibles to see what features you like. You have 6 months to prepare. Whenever I read a Bible plan, I like to have a specific Bible for that plan. I underline, highlight and make notes as I read in the actual Bible. Think of it as life’s workbook.

So start getting ready now! & check back tomorrow to get your hands on the 6-month New Testament Reading Plan!