6-Month New Testament Reading Plan

Here it is: 6-month New Testament Reading Plan  (click the link for the PDF file)Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 5.53.19 PM

There are exactly 26 weeks left in the year, starting on Monday, July 3rd. If you read 2 chapters, 5 days a week for the rest of the year, you can read the entire New Testament before 2018 begins! You will notice that there are only readings Monday-Friday. That leaves Saturday and Sunday for catching up if you get behind. I’ll be honest. I’m not going to be working through this plan right now {I will finish the entire Bible twice this year with other plans}, but I wanted to give my readers this gift in anticipation of the year-long plan I’m currently working on for 2018. I hope you’ll join me then! 🙂

So… who’s going to read the entire New Testament before the end of the year?!