Halfway through Romans ~ Reflections

Can you believe it? We are halfway through Romans! This is the first study I’ve organized before, and I’ve learned a lot through this process beyond the awesome spiritual ways God has spoken to me through the Word.

First, I learned that I find writing the Word to be extremely peaceful and comforting. It’s almost therapeutic. I thought it would be monotonous–in fact, it was the last piece to figure out to fill a week on one chapter–but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, even the longer sections.

Second, I have discovered that I do not enjoy Bible journaling by chapter; I prefer by page. Some of the earlier chapters of Romans were short and I struggled to do my Bible journaling in a cohesive way. The Bible coloring is fine by chapter, but when I get a little creative with my Happy Planner Stickers and washi tape, I need to do a whole page at a time. So… I’ve decided to allow myself to do that even if it means coloring ahead to finish a page. I have OCD tendencies and sometimes forget that not everything has rules. It’s okay to adjust to my needs/wants when it comes to creativity.

Next, SOAKing is still awesome :). I always learn something about the section of scripture when I SOAK. Do you know that my Good Morning Girls group actually SOAKed Romans together a couple of years ago? I should go find my old SOAKs and compare what God spoke to me then versus now. I bet they would be some interesting reads :).

Finally, I have figured out that homiletics might be a bit much in a plan that has us writing out an entire chapter of a book earlier in the week. Homiletics are hard enough as it is. In future plans–if God directs me to organize and lead more–I do not think I will combine homiletics and writing the Word. One or the other is fine, but together, they are tedious.

So… After all of these reflections, I have decided to make some adjustments for the second half of the plan. I want to change it up a little. If my changes do not work for you, stick to the old schedule as seen in this week’s post schedule.

Have a blessed weekend and check back here on Sunday night for next week’s adjusted plan!