Romans Week 10 ~ The Plan

It’s time for week 10 in Romans and I’m shaking the schedule up this week because we have our last short chapter. The rest get quite long.

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Here’s the plan for this week:

  • Monday: Write out Romans chapter 10 verses 1-13.
  • Tuesday: Write out Romans chapter 10, verses 14-21
    • Have fun with it! Use a fun pen, markers, colors, etc.
  • Wednesday: Color code the words/verses of chapter 10 either in your Bible or wherever you wrote out the chapter if you don’t want to color in your bible.
  • Thursday:
    • S-Scripture: Choose a verse or two from chapter 10 that speaks to you. Write the verse(s).
    • O-Observation: note what you observe about these verses or the chapter. I often write out context of what is happening in this section of the Bile.
    • A-Application: note why and how this verse speaks to you. It could relate to your past, your current life, someone you love, etc.
    • K-Kneeling in Prayer: Write a prayer. I often write one related to the content of the chapter or whatever is on my mind. Write from the heart.
    • Examples
  • Friday: Create a verse image!

If you would like to still complete homiletics, here is the information for how to do it:

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