Laura-Jane’s Bible Highlighting Method

I get asked a lot what my color coding system is. The truth is that it depends on the Bible. In my NIV Notetaker’s Bible, I highlight everything according to the Women Living Well Bible coloring system. In my NIV Journal the Word Bible, I am trying out the SoulScripts method. BUT… In my current go-to Bible, The New Inductive Study Bible, I created my own method for highlighting that I am sharing here.

Here are 2 printable versions of my Bible coloring method. One is full page size and one is little like the one pictured. I cut it out and colored the colors with the Sharpie Liquid Highlighters I love.

Here’s the system if you just want to copy and paste it or write it down. I keep it in the notes on my phone too!

My color coding system using the Sharpie liquid highlighters:

Green—God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Pink—prayer, blessings, women in the Bible

Orange-Pink—application, instructions

Light Blue—wisdom

Dark Blue—men of the Bible

Purple—key transitions such as “therefore”

Red—don’t do that

Yellow—question, makes me go, “hmm?”

Orange—noteworthy outside of other categories


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