Friday Faith Find

It’s Friday!  What better way to start the weekend than to share my current favorite faith finds?

If you are my Instagram friend, you know I am a bit Bible obsessed. This week, I want to share the CSB Study Bible for Women.

It is a beautiful, colorful Bible with several extras that make it standout among the study Bible options {of which I own many}. I have the hardback version in a lovely mint / cream cover. It’s

Here are the features that are similar to other study Bibles:

  • introductions for each book of the Bible
  • footnotes with commentary to help make sense of the verses
  • character profiles
  • maps
  • concordance
  • timelines

Here are the features that make it unique:

  • discussions of Biblical womanhood topics
  • hard questions asked and answered throughout
  • the character profiles cover only the women in the Bible
  • word studies
  • doctrine pointed out throughout the Bible
  • charts on various topics
  • a devotional word of application, celebration or encouragement at the end of each book
  • not 1 but 2 ribbons for place-keeping

Here are some features that some Bibles have and others do not:

  • decent sized font
  • thicker than typical Bible pages
  • a nice color scheme to make the various features stand out as you flip through it

When I first posted about this Bible, someone asked me why women need their own Bible when the Bible is for everyone. It was a valid question that I could not answer at the time. Having had more time to use it, I can see the value in having resources catered to my specific needs as a woman. My husband and I are very different in our approach to so many things. I embrace the fact that I am a woman and I am not the same as my husband. I am excited to see how this Bible can help me grow closer to God in a way that speaks to the variety of seasons I have faced, am facing and will face in the future. Glory to God!

See more of the inside: