Friday Faith Finds

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Happy Friday, friends! Is Friday your favorite day of the week? Believe it or not, it’s not my favorite day. I am a fan of Thursdays because I love the anticipation of weekend fun. I enjoy the moment and I equally enjoy the anticipation.

That being said, I still LOVE Fridays especially when I get to share fabulous faith finds! This week, I am sharing two different Bibles that I use everyday. If you are my Instagram friend, you will probably recognize both of them as they are featured all the time.

The first is my One Year Bible Reflections. I stumbled upon this one at a Weir’s Furniture Store the day after Christmas. It’s a One Year Bible with wide, lined margins for journaling as you read. It follows the One Year Bible plan on YouVersion as well as the plan of the other One Year Bibles. Each day there is a selection from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. It’s broken down into small chunks for each day of the year.


While I have completed 4 different Bible reading plans, I’ve never owned a One Year Bible before. I had no idea how useful and beneficial this Bible would be for me this year. Of course God knew, but I didn’t. One of my favorite ways to use this Bible is to write a note that speaks specifically to my situation this year and note the year. Should I choose to reuse this Bible in future years, it will be need to see the reflections and perhaps update with more info of how a situation resolved completely.


I also note any verses that relate to my 2018 verse and word. For more information on these, see this post. I mark them with colorful post-it notes to help me find them quickly as well as to see just how impactful the verse and word have been this year. I love how God weaves everything together as only He can.


The other Bible I want to share is my New Inductive Study Bible. This is the bigger Bible in my adorable coral and turquoise Bible cover. The New Inductive Study Bible does not have divisions and titles or many notes as the reader is encouraged to mark the text to dig deeper in their own understanding. It’s a pretty cool and challenging model–that I don’t use. I do mark the text, but I use my own color coding system. The Bible comes with many tools to help you use the inductive study method so if you are interested, I highly recommend it.


However, as I mentioned, I don’t use the marking system provided by the Bible, but I do love this Bible for my study. I love the wide margins, thicker pages, and extensive cross references. I am a huge fan of interpreting verses with other verses, especially if I am confused. Each verse also begins on its own line, so the spacing is nice for any markings I choose to use.


If I had to choose one for you to get today, I’d say the New Inductive Study Bible simply because it’s June and if you are like me, you just can’t start midyear in a dated Bible. BUT, you could get the One Year Bible Reflections and pick up midyear, finishing next year, or saving it for 2019 (note, it’s on sale for $15.63 right now). Though I should tell you I already have another Bible picked out for next year that I plan to use that’s also dated.  More on that one when we get closer to 2019… 🙂