52weeks2 Trust

This year I am on a journey. I’m on a journey to trust the Lord in all situations. There are 52 weeks in a year. On week 52, I want to trust God more than I do today, on week 1.

In April of last year, God placed “52weeks2” on my heart. I began writing and working on ideas for it, planning for a big reveal in 2019. This is no big reveal, I’m simply giving a name to a series of blog posts as I go through this journey. There will be a different focus each year, and this year it’s trust.

I plan to share what I learn as I go. I’ll be reading books, listening to music (thank you for all the recommendations on my recent Instagram post–playlist to be shared soon via Amazon music), focusing on what the Word says about trusting God. I have a goal of writing 1 blog post a week. 52 weeks, 52 blog posts, 52weeks2 trust.

Why trust? I know many people look at my online presence and think, “She already trusts God, why does she need to focus on trust?” Well, it’s simple. I trust God when it’s easy and usually in the big things, but in the little day to day events, I tend to become self-reliant. God so gently helped me realize that the areas that frustrate me, hurt me, or anger me are the places where I am not trusting His purpose and plan.

For example, let’s talk about my evolution of being a basketball mom. 2 years ago, my son began playing. I had fun watching and was very judgmental of the parents who lost their cool. I was like, “I’ll never be like that.” Um… One short year later, I became that parent. It wasn’t overnight, it was a slow process, but one week I realized that I was the parent that I so harshly judged. Realization did not mean a quick return to my old self. I am still on that road to freedom. 2018 was a year of heart change with all glory to God. These days, I sure don’t judge the parents who lose it. I empathize completely and pray for them. I pray hard because it’s truly impossible to be annoyed by someone for whom I’m praying. I still have temptation at every game to get caught up in the competitiveness, but I take my Bible and focus on God when things get rough.

And that’s how I landed on trust. Mid-December, I realized I hadn’t even been praying about my word for 2019. The very next day, God pointed out how my frustrations and anger are rooted in a lack of trust. If I I trust God, I see purpose in every situation. If I don’t trust God, I am frustrated every time things don’t go my way. That same morning, God put the verse Psalm 123:1 in my mind. I didn’t know what it said, but I had an address.

I lift my eyes to you, O God, enthroned in heaven.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I didn’t get it at first. I had to think for a moment and reread it. All my problems stem from taking my eyes off of the Lord. When I am tempted to wander away, all I have to do is life my eyes to my God, enthroned in heaven. Isn’t that such a comfort????

So here we are today, Sunday, January 6th, 2019. It’s the end of week 1 or beginning of week 2 (depending on whether you choose to start your week on Sunday or Monday). Already God has been speaking to me about trust through His Word and through other people.

This week, I began two different devotionals: Unshakeable by Christine Caine and Embraced by Lysa TerKeurst. Two brilliant ladies that God often uses to speak to me. Today, both devotionals had quotes that directly related to my trust journey.

But learning to trust God is actually the antidote to getting rid of all our defense mechanisms. ~Christine Caine

When I trust God, I can rest in the assurance that no matter what He’s got everything under control. There is purpose and opportunities for growth in every struggle that I face.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. Romans 8:28

My life is speaking a message about what I really believe, and I want that message to honor Jesus. ~Lysa TerKeurst

When I freak out and lose control, I am sending a message that Jesus cannot be trusted. As someone who is vocal about my faith, I am always representing Jesus whether I feel like it or not. I have a responsibility to represent Him well.

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. John 13:35

2019, let’s do this!

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