1: "1. Classic French Tip: Timeless and elegant, the classic white tip is always in style."

2: "2. Negative Space: Leave part of your nail bare for a modern twist on the traditional French manicure."

3: "3. Colorful Tips: Swap out the white for bold and bright colors to give your French manicure a fun pop."

4: "4. Glitter Gradient: Add some sparkle by fading glitter polish from the tips of your nails."

5: "5. Geometric Accents: Use tape or stickers to create geometric shapes for a unique French manicure."

6: "6. Matte Finish: Try a matte top coat for a modern and sophisticated take on the French manicure."

7: "7. Ombre Effect: Blend two complementary colors for a soft and subtle ombre French manicure."

8: "8. Metallic Tips: Swap the white for metallic polish for a chic and edgy French manicure look."

9: "9. Double French: Add a second line above or below the classic white tip for a double French manicure."