1: Indulge in Easter brunch with these flavorful casserole recipes made in your 13x9 pan.

2: Ham and cheese breakfast casserole - a savory start to your Easter morning.

3: Cheesy hashbrown casserole - a crowd-pleasing dish for your holiday gathering.

4: Buttermilk biscuit casserole - a delicious twist on a classic Easter side dish.

5: Spinach and feta strata - a healthy and satisfying casserole option for Easter.

6: Chicken and broccoli casserole - a comforting and easy-to-make Easter dinner choice.

7: Mexican breakfast casserole - a spicy and flavorful option for your holiday brunch.

8: Cornbread and sausage casserole - a southern-inspired dish perfect for Easter feasting.

9: Vegetarian quiche casserole - a meatless Easter option that's full of flavor and texture.