1: "Attack on Titan Witness epic battles and thrilling plot twists in this action-packed anime series."

2: "Death Note Follow the cat-and-mouse game between a high school student and a brilliant detective."

3: "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Experience a tale of sacrifice and redemption in this gripping fantasy anime."

4: "Haikyuu!! Join a high school volleyball team on their journey to nationals in this sports anime."

5: "My Hero Academia Discover a world where people with superpowers attend a prestigious hero academy."

6: "Tokyo Ghoul Delve into a dark and intense story of a college student turned reluctant ghoul."

7: "One Punch Man Laugh and be amazed by a hero who defeats any opponent with a single punch."

8: "Naruto Follow the adventures of a young ninja as he trains to become the greatest Hokage."

9: "Demon Slayer Experience breathtaking animation and heart-wrenching moments in this captivating anime."