1: Discover the top 11 valuable American nickels in circulation today.

2: 1856 Flying Eagle Nickel: Worth up to $10,000 in uncirculated condition.

3: 1913 Liberty Nickel: Rare coin that can sell for over $3 million.

4: 1937-D Buffalo Nickel: Minted during the Great Depression, valued at $2,500.

5: 1942/41-P Jefferson Nickel: An error coin worth up to $15,000.

6: 1950-D Jefferson Nickel: Key date coin worth around $300 in great condition.

7: 1950-S Jefferson Nickel: Rare San Francisco mint coin valued at $600.

8: 1964-D Jefferson Nickel: Conditionally rare coin fetching up to $300.

9: 2005-P Bison Nickel: Featuring the American bison, valued at $30 in mint condition.