1: 1. Choose whole-grain options over white bread and buns. 2. Look for grilled or roasted chicken instead of fried. 3. Skip the sugary soda for water or unsweetened tea.

2: 4. Avoid super-sized portions and opt for a smaller size. 5. Stay away from deep-fried items like fries and onion rings. 6. Choose salads with vinaigrette dressing instead of creamy ones.

3: 7. Opt for lean protein like turkey or ham instead of bacon. 8. Say no to extra cheese and high-fat toppings on pizza. 9. Avoid sugary breakfast items like pastries and pancakes.

4: 10. Choose baked chips or pretzels over regular potato chips. 11. Skip the extra sauce and opt for salsa or mustard. 12. Avoid sugary dessert items like cookies and ice cream.

5: 13. Opt for broth-based soups instead of creamy or cheesy ones. 14. Avoid high-calorie condiments like mayo and ranch dressing. 15. Choose whole fruits or a side salad instead of a dessert.

6: 16. Say no to double-decker burgers and extra cheese. 17. Avoid fried foods like chicken nuggets and hot wings. 18. Opt for a side of veggies instead of fries or onion rings.

7: 19. Choose grilled fish or shrimp tacos over deep-fried options. 20. Say no to sugary drinks like milkshakes or sweet tea. 21. Avoid high-calorie items like loaded nachos and cheese curds.

8: 22. Opt for sushi rolls with veggies over tempura-fried rolls. 23. Choose whole grains like brown rice over white rice. 24. Skip the high-calorie dipping sauces and opt for soy sauce.

9: 25. Avoid sugary coffee drinks like frappuccinos and lattes. 26. Opt for lean cuts of meat over fatty options like sausage. 27. Choose whole-grain wraps or buns over white bread or tortillas.