1: "Schweinebraten – A traditional German pork roast with crispy skin and rich gravy."

2: "Schnitzel – Thinly pounded pork or veal, breaded and fried to perfection."

3: "Kartoffelsalat – German potato salad, tangy and served warm or cold."

4: "Sauerbraten – Marinated and slow-cooked beef with a sweet and sour sauce."

5: "Käsespätzle – German mac and cheese with homemade egg noodles and melted cheese."

6: "Wurstsalat – Sliced sausages, pickles, onions, and vinaigrette, a refreshing salad option."

7: "Currywurst – Sliced sausage topped with curry ketchup, a Berlin street food favorite."

8: "Flammkuchen – German-style pizza with a thin crust, crème fraîche, onions, and bacon."

9: "Grünkohl – Hearty kale stew with smoked meats, perfect for a cold winter day."