1: Fans of NCIS can't wait for the spinoff with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo.

2: The chemistry between Weatherly and de Pablo is undeniable and keeps fans hooked.

3: The spinoff promises the return of beloved characters and exciting new storylines.

4: Weatherly and de Pablo's on-screen dynamic is a major draw for viewers.

5: The anticipation for the spinoff continues to build as fans eagerly await its release.

6: The NCIS spinoff with Weatherly and de Pablo offers a fresh take on the beloved series.

7: Weatherly and de Pablo's star power is sure to bring in new and old fans alike.

8: The spinoff's combination of drama, action, and humor has fans counting down the days.

9: With Weatherly and de Pablo at the helm, the NCIS spinoff is sure to be worth the wait.