1: Discover the value of American nickels in circulation today. From the Buffalo nickel to the Jefferson nickel, learn about these coins' worth.

2: The Buffalo nickel, minted from 1913 to 1938, is a sought-after collectible. Its distinct design and historical significance make it valuable.

3: The Jefferson nickel, which replaced the Buffalo nickel in 1938, is still in circulation today. Some editions may be worth more than face value.

4: Keep an eye out for rare editions of the Jefferson nickel, such as the 1943-P "War Nickel." Its silver content makes it a valuable find.

5: Other valuable nickels include the 2004-P Peace Medal nickel and the 2004-D Keelboat nickel. These limited editions are prized by collectors.

6: Check your pocket change for these valuable American nickels. Even common coins like the 2005-S Ocean in View nickel can hold significant worth.

7: American nickels offer a glimpse into our nation's history and heritage. Collecting and studying these coins can be a rewarding hobby.

8: Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, American nickels are a great addition to any coin collection. Learn more about their value.

9: Explore the world of American nickels in circulation. Discover the stories behind these coins and their worth in the numismatic community.