1: Title: 6 Ways to Incorporate Curd into Your Diet Include curd in smoothies for a creamy texture and added protein.

2: Add curd to your morning oats for a probiotic boost and creamy flavor.

3: Use curd in marinades for tender and flavorful meat dishes.

4: Swap mayonnaise for curd in salads for a healthier alternative.

5: Mix curd with herbs and spices for a delicious dip or spread.

6: Top your favorite fruits with curd for a refreshing and light dessert option.

7: Incorporate curd into your baking recipes for moist and flavorful treats.

8: Blend curd with garlic and lemon for a tangy and nutritious salad dressing.

9: Experiment with curd in new recipes to discover delicious ways to enjoy its creamy texture and health benefits.