1: Discover 8 easy and fun Mediterranean food crafts for kids to enjoy on the weekends. Let's get creative in the kitchen!

2: Make delicious Greek yogurt parfaits with colorful fruit and granola. A tasty and healthy snack that kids will love.

3: Create mini pita pizzas with toppings like cheese, veggies, and olives. A simple and customizable meal for little chefs.

4: Get crafty with cucumber sailboats filled with hummus and cherry tomato sails. A cute and healthy snack for adventurous kids.

5: Try making watermelon feta skewers with mint for a refreshing treat. A sweet and savory combination perfect for hot days.

6: Whip up homemade tzatziki sauce with Greek yogurt, cucumber, and garlic. A creamy dip that pairs perfectly with pita chips.

7: Roll up tasty grape leaf wraps with rice, herbs, and lemon juice. A fun and flavorful dish that kids can help assemble.

8: Bake savory spanakopita triangles with spinach and feta cheese. A delicious appetizer or snack that's great for little hands.

9: Finish off your Mediterranean food crafting session with baklava bites. Sweet, nutty, and easy to make - a perfect dessert for kids.