1: Discover the versatility of long pixie cuts with these stunning hairstyles for 2024.

2: Sleek and chic, a long pixie with asymmetrical layers is perfect for a modern look.

3: Add a pop of color to your long pixie hairstyle with bold highlights or lowlights.

4: Texture and volume are key to creating a dynamic long pixie hairstyle for 2024.

5: Keep it effortless with a tousled long pixie cut that exudes casual cool.

6: For a more polished look, opt for a long pixie with sleek, straight layers.

7: Embrace your natural curls with a long pixie cut that enhances your texture.

8: Experiment with different styling techniques to create unique looks for your long pixie.

9: Whether you prefer edgy or elegant, these long pixie hairstyles are sure to turn heads in 2024.