1: Delight the ladies with a classic lasagna recipe that is sure to impress the Church Cookbook Committee.

2: Indulge their taste buds with a rich and creamy chicken Alfredo pasta dish that will leave them wanting more.

3: Wow the ladies with a homemade beef Wellington that is both elegant and delicious.

4: Impress the Church Cookbook Committee with a flavorful shrimp scampi that is perfect for any occasion.

5: Tantalize their senses with a mouthwatering filet mignon served with a decadent red wine reduction sauce.

6: Surprise the ladies with a traditional French coq au vin that is sure to be a hit at any gathering.

7: Satisfy their sweet tooth with a delectable tiramisu that is both easy to make and impressive.

8: Charm the Church Cookbook Committee with a beautiful pear and frangipane tart that is as delicious as it is stunning.

9: End on a high note with a show-stopping baked Alaska that will leave the ladies in awe of your culinary skills.