1: Want a sweet, juicy watermelon? Look for a creamy yellow spot on the bottom - a sign of ripeness!

2: Size matters! Choose a watermelon that feels heavy for its size. This indicates juiciness.

3: Give it a tap! A ripe watermelon will have a deep, hollow sound when you knock on it.

4: Avoid watermelons with bruises or cuts. They could be overripe or spoiled.

5: Check the stem - it should be dried and brown. A green stem may mean the watermelon is not ripe.

6: Consider the shape - a symmetrical watermelon is likely to be ripe and sweet.

7: Look for a uniform shape and smooth skin. Avoid watermelons with soft spots.

8: Smell the watermelon - a sweet, fruity scent means it is ripe and ready to eat.

9: Follow these tips to pick the perfect watermelon every time! Enjoy your sweet and juicy fruit!