1: NCIS star Sean Murray hints at possible crossover with Tony and Ziva spinoff show.

2: Could a collaboration between NCIS and TonyZiva spinoff be in the works?

3: Sean Murray discusses the potential for a TonyZiva crossover episode on NCIS.

4: Fans excited about the idea of NCIS star Sean Murray teaming up with TonyZiva.

5: Speculations arise about a potential storyline involving NCIS and TonyZiva characters.

6: Sean Murray's comments spark interest in a crossover event between NCIS and TonyZiva.

7: NCIS fans eager to see Sean Murray collaborate with Tony and Ziva in a spinoff.

8: Will NCIS star Sean Murray make an appearance in the TonyZiva spinoff series?

9: Sean Murray's openness to a crossover sets the stage for exciting possibilities with NCIS and TonyZiva.