1: "Welcome to your guide on plants for a fragrant balcony oasis. Discover 8 scented options perfect for small pots."

2: "Lavender, known for its calming aroma, is a must-have for a sweet-smelling space. Thrives in sunny spots."

3: "Jasmine's delicate flowers emit a heavenly scent. Plant in a well-draining pot for optimal growth."

4: "Rosemary, with its woody fragrance, is a versatile herb that adds charm to any balcony setting."

5: "Scented geraniums come in various fragrances like citronella and rose. Ideal for repelling mosquitoes."

6: "Mint brings a refreshing aroma and is perfect for both culinary use and natural air freshening."

7: "Lemon balm, with its citrus scent, is a low-maintenance herb that loves the sun."

8: "Sweet alyssum's tiny flowers pack a powerful sweet fragrance. Perfect for cascading over the edges of pots."

9: "Basil, with its spicy aroma, is a culinary favorite that also doubles as a fragrant balcony plant."