1: Indulge in a Pomegranate French 75 cocktail this New Year's Eve for a bubbly twist on a classic favorite.

2: Mix gin, pomegranate juice, and champagne for a celebratory drink with a hint of herbaceous flavor.

3: Garnish with fresh thyme and pomegranate arils for a festive touch that elevates this delicious cocktail.

4: The Pomegranate French 75 is a refreshing and elegant choice to toast the start of a new year in style.

5: Celebrate with friends and family by serving up this bright and flavorful drink at your NYE soirรฉe.

6: This sophisticated cocktail is perfect for any occasion, but especially fitting for a glamorous New Year's celebration.

7: Wow your guests with the vibrant red color and vibrant flavors of the Pomegranate French 75.

8: Start the year off right with this dazzling drink that is sure to impress and leave a lasting impression.

9: Ring in the New Year with this bubbly, herbaceous delight that is a twist on a timeless classic. Cheers to 2022!