1: Simone Biles husband remains unbothered by backlash for saying he's the catch in their marriage.

2: Interview controversy aside, Simone Biles husband stands by his statement as the "catch" in their relationship.

3: Despite criticism, Simone Biles husband is unfazed by the attention surrounding his comments on being the prize in their marriage.

4: Simone Biles husband's confidence shines through in his response to the backlash over his assertion of being the "catch" in their marriage.

5: In the face of scrutiny, Simone Biles husband stands firm in his belief that he is the catch in their relationship.

6: Criticism doesn't phase Simone Biles husband as he continues to assert his worth as the prize in their marriage.

7: Simone Biles husband remains unaffected by the negative responses to his declaration of being the catch in their union.

8: Amidst the controversy, Simone Biles husband exudes confidence in his role as the desirable partner in their marriage.

9: Backlash over his statement hasn't shaken Simone Biles husband's conviction that he is the ultimate catch in their relationship.