1: Simone Biles, Olympic gold medalist, chooses Athleta over Nike for a new partnership.

2: Biles joins Athleta, a female-focused brand promoting empowerment and inclusivity.

3: Athleta's mission aligns with Biles' values of supporting women and girls in sport.

4: Biles' move signifies a shift towards brands with stronger female representation.

5: Athleta's commitment to diversity and inclusion attracts Biles to their team.

6: Biles' decision to leave Nike for Athleta reflects a new era in athlete sponsorship.

7: Fans applaud Biles' choice to partner with a brand focused on women's empowerment.

8: Athleta's partnership with Biles inspires future collaborations with female athletes.

9: Biles' departure from Nike highlights the importance of supporting brands that align with personal values.