1: The Bicentennial Quarter is worth 25 cents, but its value goes far beyond money.

2: This unique coin was minted in 1976 to celebrate America's 200th birthday.

3: With a mintage of over 800 million, these quarters are still in circulation today.

4: The coin's design features a drummer boy on the reverse side and George Washington on the obverse.

5: Collectors are drawn to the coin's historical significance and patriotic theme.

6: Some rare varieties of the Bicentennial Quarter can fetch high prices among enthusiasts.

7: Whether you're a numismatist or just a casual collector, this coin is a must-have.

8: Discover the beauty and legacy of the 80 Million Bicentennial Quarter in your pocket.

9: Embrace the history and symbolism of this iconic coin, and let it inspire you daily.