1: Don't Drown Your Fried Chicken Avoid pouring excess oil in the pan when frying chicken.

2: Opt for a Light Coating A thin layer of oil is all you need for crispy fried chicken.

3: Use the Right Oil Choose oils with high smoke points for frying to avoid waste.

4: Monitor and Adjust Heat Maintain the right temperature to prevent oil wastage while frying.

5: Properly Drain and Rest Let fried chicken rest on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

6: Reuse Oil Smartly Filter and store leftover oil for future use to save money.

7: Avoid Double Dipping One coating of oil is enough for perfectly fried chicken.

8: Embrace Baking Instead Try baking chicken for a healthier, less wasteful cooking method.

9: Educate Others Spread the word about avoiding oil waste when frying chicken for a more sustainable kitchen.