1: Fans rejoice as Tony and Ziva return in a new NCIS spinoff show coming March 2024 on Paramount+.

2: Paramount confirms the long-awaited reunion of beloved characters Tony and Ziva in an exciting new series.

3: Mark your calendars for March 2024, when the dynamic duo of Tony and Ziva make their triumphant return.

4: Prepare for drama, thrills, and nostalgia as Tony and Ziva embark on new adventures in the NCIS universe.

5: Paramount promises an action-packed journey with Tony and Ziva in a spinoff show set to premiere in March 2024.

6: Get ready to see your favorite NCIS characters back in action with Tony and Ziva's return in 2024.

7: The highly-anticipated reunion of Tony and Ziva is finally happening in a Paramount spinoff show in March 2024.

8: Fans can't contain their excitement for the upcoming NCIS spinoff featuring Tony and Ziva, premiering March 2024.

9: Stay tuned for more updates on the Tony and Ziva spinoff show, coming to Paramount+ in March 2024.