1: 1. Pothos Easy-to-propagate vine with heart-shaped leaves that thrive in water.

2: 2. Spider Plant Chlorophytum comosum grows quickly in water, producing cascading spiderettes.

3: 3. English Ivy Hedera helix can be propagated in water to create a lush display.

4: 4. Jade Plant Crassula ovata's succulent leaves root easily in water for new growth.

5: 5. Coleus Colorful foliage plant cutting will root in water before transplanting.

6: 6. African Violet Saintpaulia hybrids can create new plants in water propagation.

7: 7. Begonia Rhizomatous or cane-type begonias can be propagated in water.

8: 8. Basil Herb cuttings placed in water will develop roots for fresh growth.

9: 9. Mint Peppermint or spearmint cuttings grow vigorously in water for freshness.